Tuesday, March 8, 2011


the following (secret) emoticons can be achieved in facebook chat...

facebook chat emoticon robot:|]

With the robot emoticon, you can express to your friends your love for technology as well as your hope for the future of robotics.

facebook chat emoticon shark(^^^)

Through this emoticon, we can invoke a feeling of horror in the minds of all those doomed to chat with us. Be careful with this one.

facebook chat emoticon penguin<(")

What's funnier than a penguin? NOTHING, that's what! You too can embrace the fun and natural humor of the most adorable winged creature with this emoticon.

facebook chat emoticon pacman:v
With this, you can express one of two things.

1) You love classic video-games.

2) Your jaw is broken.

facebook chat emoticon chris putnam:putnam:


facebook chat emoticon devil3:)

You not only have a bad case of rosacea, but also have two irregular growths sprouting from your head. But, you remain complacent, hence the smile. Good sport.

Use them wisely, don't let them spread too far. That is all.